Key Concept
When you Travel Smart you Travel Safe
Electric Tron Light Cycle

Existing Means of TransportWellington Cycleways A three wheeled bike
Bionx - A motorise lightweight bike that can be carried and packed away in a box. A kitset bike.
Bricycles - A three wheeled bike
Velomobilling Cab bike-the top is removable for warmer weather conditions
Velomobiles Danish Velomobiles with a difference
ICE<Inspired Cycle Engineering U.K. recumbents
Electric Bikes<> Whisper electric bikes
Modes of Transport –The Conventional and the Unconventional
Read: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss Consider all of the suggested modes of transport used on this journey:
Technological Designs
The following list is supported by images and design briefs.
Instructables:Plastiki crosses the pacific- Boat made of plastic bottles.
Instructables:Bicycle Rack- Bike Rack made of ski poles.
Instructable:Touring Bikes- Modified bike.
Instructables:Electric Bike- Modified bike.
Instructable:DIY Electric Bike- Modified bike
Instructables:Front Wheel Drive Centre Steer- Modified bike
Instructables:Safe Spark scooter - Modified scooter.
Instructables:Mountain Bike scooter - Modified scooter.
Instructables:Roof top camper - Car with camper on top.
Instructables: How to make a skateboard/snowboarding sail.
Instructables: How to make a skateboard/snowboarding sail.