Math's Problem Solving´╗┐
Step 1 Read the Problem

Read the problem and try to understand it. Don't write anything down until you think you know what the problem is asking you to do.
Step 2 Select Important Information

Reread the problem and underline all the important information like numbers and math words. Now decide what math procedure you need to use e.g. addition, subtraction or multiplication. The important information will help you decide this, for example, the words combine and total mean add while difference means subtract.
Step 3 Decide Which Strategy to Use for Solving
Guess what strategy you will need to use. Check the important information again to make sure
Step 4 Solve the Problem
Now is time to solve the problem. If you don't think this strategy works go back to Step 3 to help you choose another strategy.
Step 5 Check the Answer
The final step is to check your answer. Put the answer back into the problem and see if it makes sense or could possibly be an answer. If the answer makes sense, congratulations the problem is solved. If the answer makes no sense, return to step 2 and try again.
Important! Have fun!