A project for this term is to create and develop a world’s best Storyboard for a film competition.
The themes of choice are Communication or The Environment
Click on the above link to view the finalists for 2010. Our film needs to be of this standard.
Spend a lot of time on your planning for the storyboard to ensure you are selected to create your storyboard. Only the best storyboard artists will be able to create their film.

1. Watch the 2010 winning creations.
2. Decide on your theme.
3. Write a synopsis of the plot (narrative) of the film.
4. Break up the plot into Moments and Scenes, then Shots.
It is recommended that you break up the plot into a thumb nail grid of 8-10 key scenes. Refer to storyboard sheet supplied.
5. Pencil in the scenes and shots
This process is best done with 'stick' figures and shorthand shot descriptions. E.g. mid shot of a boy running left to right across a busy road, with the theme song of Rocky playing (eye of the Tiger).
6. Analyse
Take a close look at your storyboard. Look for missing scenes, soundtrack and/or various other camera angles which will enhance the detail of your draft story board. Use this link to help your complete your project.
7. Flesh out the Draft
Use drawings, Clip art or digital photos to add more detail to the shot descriptions.
8. Analyse
This time, because you have clearer images, you have the ability to look for consistencies in the narrative development. In other words does your story make sense in the storyboard?
9. Congratulations your hard work has paid off and you have a world winning storyboard for a movie everyone will want to see.